Psychology Of Winning - We need to understand the psychology of winning to become truly great in our sport. Should We Chase The Latest Go-Fast Gear? Too many of us chase newer and better boat designs, faster sails, and the latest go-fast gear and techniques. Perhaps the most important factor to sailboat racing success is psychology. Not to take anything away from...
The pressure of Being in the Lead. Holding on to a lead can be as much about your mindset as it is your speed or tactics. Being at the front of the fleet is daunting, but to stay there it's important to focus on the little things. The anticipation of losing the lead you’ve achieved can create a multitude of...
As sailors, we don't often consider the Importance Of Psychology In Sailboat Racing. In any sport, the higher the level, the more important the state of mind becomes. In racing a sailboat, because of complexity, mastering this aspect is even more critical if you want to win. Top sailors master boat handling, trimming, the rules of racing, meteorology, and sailing in...
                              Psychology and Competitive Sailing. Where your equipment is the same as everyone else's, there are only two ways to beat your opponent - through superior physiology (your size, weight and fitness) or through superior psychology (just about everything else!). Psychology is perhaps one of the...
Psychology and How it Affects your Sailing Excerpts from an interview I did with Dr Gavin Dagley, Consulting Psychologist and Executive coach with a reputation for results and performance development. Gavin is a very accomplished sailor having won amongst many other titles, the World Laser Grand Masters Championship sailed in Nuevo, Mexico in 2016. Brett: Do you think that it's psychology...




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