How To Prepare for Unstable Conditions Regattas generally bring with them diverse wind conditions. Crews need to be prepared to handle whatever the venue hands out.  Researching the most up-to-date forecasts, in combination with understanding the venue is absolutely critical in preparing for success on race day. It is great to speak to the locals about what to expect. By all...
Prepare to Race - On the morning of the race, you will check the local forecast again to see how the predicted weather has changed or whether it is behaving as has been forecast. Get Out On The Course Early Get on the course 60 minutes before the start and sail as much of the first beat as possible. Make mental...
  Sailing Instructions Checklist - There are several things that you should check in the sailing instructions even if you don't get time to thoroughly read them which of course I recommend if you want to prepare properly for a race or regatta. The first is determining what penalty system is being used be it one or two turns, yellow flag or...
Preparing For A Big Event - It's the time of the year when many classes and clubs have their State, National and World Championships. Quite often travel to events both locally and Internationally adds a layer of difficulty. Preparing a packing list is an important part of being ready to race. In every case, preparation is one of the key...
With Special thanks to Mike Hobson – J Boats, Chesapeake USA. SAILING PRINCIPLES divided into Tactical and Philosophical. TACTICAL - SAILING PRINCIPLES divided into Tactical and Philosophical. Sail on the tack or gybe that points closer to the next mark. Sail in clean air. Sail toward, and in, the most wind pressure. Keep manoeuvres to a minimum. Form a game plan...




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