An Easy To Remember Guide To Changing Gears In Sailing


Today, I am going to try something a little different and use screenshots to depict Changing Gears, I hope you enjoy it.

My friend, Dave Dellenbaugh has been giving sailors the benefit of his boundless sailing knowledge in an easy to follow format for over two decades through his “Speed and Smarts” newsletters.

I find visual depictions rather than longwinded explanations often do a better job of helping us to understand the sometimes baffling concepts of our sport.

David’s style of webinar presentation is second to none and will appeal to a rank beginner through to a sailing legend who is looking to refresh their knowledge.

With thanks to David, I have set out below a couple of screenshots that I took from recent Speed and Smart webinars that I attended and I believe that they explain Gears really well, as they pertain to sailing. 

DOWN LOAD Dave Dellenbaugh’s Changing Gears Guide

If you like what Dave has provided, visit his website and explore the endless stream of Sailing lessons, Tips and Strategies available. 

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